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Dance Instruction

Children And Adult Group Classes

Tango Orlando Dance

Our weekly dance class focuses on Developing, Focus, Social Skills, Manners Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem .  All this while having FUN!




Our Performance Troop class will consist of choreography of different routines to dance and perform shows at various venues.


Class Date & Time  TBA 

 Location: LifeDance Mastery / TangoOrlando,

Howey In The Hills Florida.



There are numerous dance competitions all over Florida, all year long. Take your skills to the next level while having fun and getting fit.


If you are interested in participating ,please contact us by clicking here.



Each Series Consist of 4 Classes a Month


Studio Location

100 South Palm Ave Howey In The Hills, FL


Call 352.324.6473 or Email Us

to Reserve Your Space On The Dance Floor



Everyone learns differently. Alberto and Selena recognize this and they will design private lessons for individuals and couples to address personal learning styles. 


Private lessons accelerate your rate of learning and will rapidly enhance your dance learning experience. This is your opportunity for one-on-one instruction with the best of the best - you will learn and you will have fun doing it. Learning occurs at a faster rate of that of a group class. During your private sessons, you have Alberto's or Selena's undivided attention to address your individual needs.


Private lesson are ideally paired with group lessons, so you can work on individual elements covered in your group class on which you would like to concentrate .     Private lessons are by appointment only. Call 352.324.6473

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