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Studio Policies


* Missed Classes :


As a rule, there are no makeup sessions for missed classes. We constantly review each week so if you happen to miss a class you can catch up the following week.



* Cancellation Policy for Private Lessons:


Please give a 24-hour notice for private lesson cancellation to avoid charges. We are lenient on emergencies and please let us know as early as possible so we can try to book the open slot.


* 24-hour notice - No Charge


* Less than 24-hour notice - Full charge (of your tuition rate) if we can not schedule someone for that time. 


*Dress Code -


Shoes: Generally we suggest a leather sole or something that slides on the wood fairly easily.

Flip flops and strapless shoes are not suggested. Shoes should be strapped or laced to stay on the foot. Optimum suggestion is to invest in a pair of ballroom dance shoes.


*Attire: For social classes:


The dress should be comfortable yet appropriate for partner dancing. The shirt should be short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve.


For advanced, competition, exhibition dancers: We suggest "dance outfits" in every lesson: Dance shoes a must for men and ladies. Latin or Ballroom Skirts or tights for ladies. "Dance pants/trunks" are suggested under skirts. Ladies' shirts should be minimum of a cap sleeve. (Please no tank T's and please no half shirts).



These policies have been designed for the comfort of the staff and members of the studio. Please take them into consideration on your lessons to help maintain the integrity and comfort of partner dancing at the studio.

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