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From Weddings and Corporate Events, to Private Parties, Birthday, Anniversary, Quinceañera, Sweet 16 and Trade Shows, Alberto and Selena will provide the best dancing/learning experience you have ever witnessed!

Wedding Packages


Every wedding is unique, and the addition of Alberto and Selena will make it that much more memorable an event. In addition to performing at events, their true joy is working with the bridal couple in creating a performance to highlight their own special day.


Couples choose their music, or are free to ask for suggestions, to which Alberto and Selena will create a once-in-a-lifetime routine for the couple to share with their friends and family. It is truly a special bonding moment between the bridal couple the the guests with whom they choose to share it.


Entertainment Packages


Alberto and Selena are known as the true pioneers who brought dance instruction and entertainment to health clubs, dance clubs, country clubs and retirement villages throughout Central Florida.  


Their performances at world-class events, including Orange Bowl and Super Bowl, have delighted thousands. They have performed for dignitaries and world leaders around the globe.


The love and passion Alberto and Selena have for dancing and sharing their love of it far exceed the stage upon which they have to perform. They are at home as much on a small floor as they are within an arena or stadium.

Corporate Events Packages



You must be unique, with an inspiring message, to stand out in today's world.  We create, design, write, and

perform moving "signature shows" that provide heightened recognitions for companies seeking that special touch.  
Discuss your upcoming event with Alberto who can deliver a keynote that will far exceed your expectations, and ignite your audience with the desire to know where they can learn more.


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